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Habitual Wining

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“OZ”The OZ

First off let’s be clear, we are by no means self-proclaimed sommeliers, merely a couple that is on the endless journey for the next best sip.

A read and respond feedback piece of wine habits. The Why! Did we just say habit? Nooooo, not as if we have a problem. Although who knows, lol, but that we are passionate about our wine.  So how to begin? I guess we should begin by providing our who, what, when, where, why and how’s on how we approach wine and the way we go about our wine habits. Habits? We use habits very loosely because we believe that you should think out of the “bottle”, obviously not out of the box, habits after all are meant to be broken.

We know if you are reading this, you must be interested in either wine or interested in how others approach and appreciate what a simple grape can do for you, right? Well let’s just go with that. So why wine? Is it because we always envied that actress or actor sipping that nice glass of wine in their formal wear on the big screen and we wanted to portray ourselves in that aspect? Or is it because mom always had that box of Chablis in the fridge and we always associated wine drinking with happiness and celebration? Have we finally hit that stage in our lives where not only do we want to find that perfect wine and wine combination, but also enjoy the exploration of it as well? We are sure all of this has contributed to where we are today and each coming from different families and backgrounds some have added more or less to our lives but we have definitely hit a time in our lives where we enjoy the finer things in life, where we are in search of that perfect sip, that perfect bite, and that perfect destination. So I guess we choose wine to be the vehicle that transports us and takes us on a journey. It allows us to explore and to learn, to taste and to smell, to stop and to be patient so that we don’t miss all of the passion and technique put into it and we begin appreciating life’s simple pleasures and the people who have given them to us.

Lord knows the first wine we ever tasted, tasted like wine. Not Chocolate or red fruits, vanilla, it wasn’t dry or fruity, there were no tannins, it was just wine. We didn’t know anything about wine except for the fact that we enjoyed the taste. That’s it. We had no clue of the dynamics, complexity  and diversity there could be in wine until we began going to wine tasting and listening to friends and families at dinner parties and learning from others. That’s where we began to have a greater appreciation for the vintner, the man behind the curtain “OZ!” So, have you ever asked yourself or wondered why you drink wine? Please share! We’d love to know.

Next Saturday’s post we will explore the which wine to drink and go from there! So cheers to your Saturday libations, hoping you find that perfect sip. See you next Saturday!