Pigging out….oink! 

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So we are on our way to Long Beach to go to the amazing Farmer’s Market we love so much when we realize that…OOPS, today is Sunday and the market is closed.

So our thoughts wen to what we should do on a Sunday at 11:30 a.m. when you really wanted to eat and get some fresh organic veggies to cook. The logical answer could only be THE OINKSTER of course!!!

Okay, maybe that wouldn’t have been our first choice but we had been driving for awhile and getting hangry, unable to find somewhere to go to satiate our tummies. Then as we were listening to the radio and navigating our phones for anything, we hear an advertisement on the radio stating ‘todays the last day to get the gourmet burger at The Oinkster’ and our mouths salivated. There was no need to question where we were off to.

Now the funny back story was that I had just recommended stopping at some burger joint and going home as this radio ad magically aired.  Ok, so maybe this wasn’t destiny her se but I am definitely sure someone was guiding us there and I am so happy we had a chance to try this place out.

We unfortunately hit the place on the last day of their infamous burger week–a 7 day challenge which basically is:

  • Get their specialty burger each day of the event (The first week of June every year)
  • For every day you purchase the burger you will receive a fancy plastic colorful bracelet
  • At the end of the event, if you can show all 7 bracelets you will receive a free Oinkster t-shirt.

This place attracts all different crowds. I am sure the reviews from Guy Fieris’ infamous Diners, Drive in’s, and Dives,  also attracts this diverse crowd.  The burger joint is fashioned as an old-school diner and had lines wrapping around the building for their sandwiches. The wait isn’t actually as long as it looks and definitely well worth it. The place is famous for their house-cured pastrami or slow roasted pork sandwiches. The fries are yummy too.

In the end we got the specialty burger: a krabby patty and fries and they were both really delicious. We weren’t able to even buy the t-shirt because those are reserved for the challengers but we did get a nice, fancy pin. Yay us!

The Oinkster is located between Glendale and Pasadena in Eagle Rock on Colorado Boulevard. We definitely recommend this place and if you are able to do the entire BURGER WEEK every 1st week of June that would be awesome but definitely a must try. We are going to try to do Burger Week 2016 next year.

Cheers to yummy burgers and an end to a good weekend.