The good, the bad and the ugly of meal planning

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My friend first got me into meal planning during one of our morning workouts. Initially it didn’t sound appealing because although I try to stay active, I am a foodie and eating clean and meal planning isn’t exactly exciting to me. Reflecting on how I eat, I realized that I had become more and more reliant on buying food while I was at work and my pocket book definitely was feeling it as well as my body. I felt like I wasn’t eating properly and wasting money on salads that can be $4.00-$10.00 from the cafeteria or fast food place when I can probably it for about $1.50/2.00 and it would be much healthier.

Meal planning although daunting can be a healthier, faster, more economic approach to eating especially in this day and age when time is of an essence. I love cooking so deciding my meals and what I was going to eat actually was a challenge for me to eat healthier and be more conscious of what I am buying and how I will use the products.

So I decided, why not! I will try and see if I can follow through with a lunch and dinner meal plan for me and my family and see how it impacts how I feel and the money I spend.

After a month of organizing my meals I can definitely provide you with a little insight:


  • Definitely healthier!
  • Fun if you love to cook (and challenging but mostly fun)
  • I think we have saved money. Definitely saved.
  • We utilize more of the produce and products we buy instead of throwing them away which makes me happy


  • Thinking of new ideas
  • Prepping the meals for the week
  • Not a lot of “free apps” to find recipes
  • Restraining from joining coworkers for a lunch out is hard to refuse but we’ve been good
  • Restraining from ordering delivery when you’re tired and not feeling the recipe you had I mind for the night


Well the only ugly part about this is not always are you really wanting or craving what you planned for on a Saturday morning. I have been able to mix it up or change around the recipes a bit so that I use all of the ingredients (or most of them) but just change what we had actually planned.

We have stuck to it and I think in the end we are all very happy with how its going. I plan to post some of the cool, fast recipes I’ve found in the meantime or provide you with links.

Happy cooking! Thanks for listening.